Natur:beton is a contemporary documentary photography collective in Berlin. Our goal is to document life in the urban space and its boundaries with nature.

Natur:beton, German for 'organic concrete', connects apparent opposites of natural and man-made structures.

On a macroscale it adresses the complex relation that modern kind has with nature and how deeply both are actually entwined, even in urban space. But Natur:beton also examines the flexibility of nature, and that there is a limit to what humans, themselves a product of nature, can achieve in taming or manipulating the environment.

Current members are:

Alexandra Jeberien

Alexandra Jeberien is a trained conservator for museums objects. She also holds a Master and a doctoral degree in heritage preservation.

With heritage conservation as her main background, she pins her photographic topics around industrial structures and architecture. Though, having studied biology earlier in her life, she has never lost interest in nature. Within NATURBETON she offers a view on both, heritage and architecture in a lost state, eventually revitalized by nature.

In 2019 she was finalist of the 1st German Street Photography Festival and won second prize, single shots.

Jean-Pierre Damen

Jean-Pierre Damen is a creative technologist, with a long background in internet technology and art direction, and now mainly working as a cloudarchitect.

In his free time he is an urban photographer focusing on urban photography in its broadest sense: from street impressions to abstracts views on the city, from atmospheric nightshots to urban space and architecture.

Coming from a graphical background he has a strong focus on composition and framing. And as a former creative director he emphasises on storytelling, both visual and literal.